Executive Forests Agency | Directorate: Administrative and Legal Services and Human Resources Directorate

Directorate "Administrative and Legal Services and Human Resources Directorate":

    Administrative and Legal Services and Human Resources Directorate

    • assists the Chairperson, the Deputy-Chairpersons, the Chief Secretary and administrative units to exercise the administrative and legal activities of the Agency;
    • participates in the development of regulations and gives opinions on these;
    • represents the Agency Chairperson and in judicial procedures;
    • prepares and updates projects for the job descriptions and personal job descriptions of positions in the Agency;
    • coordinates and proposes for approval the job descriptions for structures and specialised territorial units of the Agency, as well as of State forestry holdings and state game-keeping holdings;
    • drafts acts related to the contracting, modification and termination of official and employment contract relations;
    • prepare, draft and store official and personal files of employees at the Agency and management contracts for state forestry holdings and state game-keeping holdings;
    • develops, jointly with other competent bodies, projects and programmes for the working conditions and technical safety;
    • takes legal action to collect receivables of the Agency;
    • establish cooperation with the legal directorates under the Council of Ministers, of ministries and the other administrative structures within its competence;
    • organises, assists and carries out activities related to public procurement;
    • gives opinions on the legality of draft contracts, orders and others acts and documents related to the Agency activity;
    • proposes to the Agency Chairperson measures to harmonise the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria with the Directives, Regulations and standards of European Union (EU) in the field of forestry and game-keeping/hunting;
    • organises and carries out the bookkeeping activities such as receiving, processing and sending out the outgoing correspondence;
    • organises and coordinates activities related to incoming petitions, applications, signals and proposals from citizens and other documents;
    • organises the legal assistance to the administration related to the law-compliant exercising of its functions;
    • organises the connections between the units of the general and specialised administration related to the submission of documents for implementation;
    • processes and stores the central bookkeeping archive of the Agency;
    • organises the administrative and the technical servicing of the persons occupying managerial positions;
    • develops the wartime plan of the Agency and organises the operational preparation of staff under the condition of crisis;
    • manages the transport service - the registration of motor vehicles, annual MOTs, maintenance and repairs.

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