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Executive Forests Agency | Main activities

Executive forest agency| Main Activities
Executive forest agency (EFA) is legal entity finance by the budget – secondary manager with budget credits by the Ministry of Agriculture, head office of EFA is in capital Sofia.
Agency is an administration which supports the Executive director by implementing his prerogatives, provide him technical assistance and provide all administrative services for citizens and legal entities.
Leader and representative of EFA is the Executive director.
Contractual relationships with the Executive director are executed, change and terminate from minister of agriculture and foods after preliminary coordination with Prime Minister.
The Executive director implements his prerogatives directly or through Regional Forest Directorates and specialized territorial forest units.

The Executive director is supported by Deputy executive director.

Contractual relationships with Deputy executive director are executed, change and terminate from Executive director after preliminary coordination with minister of agriculture and foods.
Management Board
Management Board is composed by Chairman, Secretary and Members.
Chairman of Management Board is the Executive director of EFA or authorized by him public official.
Structure, duties and administrative organization of EFA
Executive forest agency is structured in different directorates: Directorate “Internal Monitoring (Audit)”, Public servant on information, Financial Inspector, two directorates which provide common administrative services and three directorates which provide specialized forest services.
General Secretary manages, coordinates and controls administrative activities and is responsible for:
1. administrative and legal services;
2. annually planning and reporting  the implementation of main goals;
3. Human resources management.
Financial Inspector - controls preliminary all documents and activities of EFA according its financial actions and Bulgarian legislation.
Financial Inspector is directly subordinate to Executive director.

Directorate "Internal Monitoring (Audit)" is directly subordinated to Executive director, monitor and control the implementation of Internal Audit in public sector legislation.
Control and Audit the activities of all territorial forest units, programs, processes, EU funding as well, according Article 13 from Internal Audit in public sector Law .
Public Servant on Information is directly subordinated to Executive director .
Public Servant on Information provides all services, according to Law for protection of classified data. 
Common administration:
1. Directorate "Financial and Economic Activities";
2. Directorate “Administrative and Legal Services and HR”.

2. Specialized administration:
1. Directorate "Forest";
2. Directorate "Hunting and protection of the game and forests";
3. Directorate "Forest Policy and Management activities".